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Forgotten Heroes Nfts - Linda Turner Black Cat

Forgotten Heroes NFTs presents:


A wonderful ode to the Golden Age of comics. For this NFT art collection, we have revived the vintage Black Cat artwork of the amazing comic artist Lee Elias. The amazing Linda Turner portrays the Black Cat vigilante, a forgotten comic hero that sparked people’s imagination in the 1940s. 

Forgotten Heroes NFTs presents

The Linda Turner Black Cat heroine was a character first published in 1941, who starred in her own comic title series from 1946 onward.

These Black Cat comics featured Linda Turner, a glamorous Hollywood actress who would fight crime and corruption in Los Angeles as the masked vigilante, Black Cat.

This wonderful comic series lasted for 30 issues before it was discontinued and rebranded. After some later re-runs, the Linda Turner Black Cat was completely forgotten.


This NFT art collection of 3333 variations, portrays a revival of the Linda Turner Black Cat artwork (Original Art was by Lee Elias) in all its glory.

Black Cat NFT Rarity
Character logo
Comic Issue
Background color

Sniper proof

100% FAIR, we have secured our rarity data, so that Sniper Bots, can not detect when a rare NFT is about to be minted. Every participant will have an equal chance to mint a rare NFT.

Forgotten Heroes NFTS

Curation vs rarity

We wanted to stay true to the legacy of the Linda Turner Black Cat in its original art form and revive both the character and the amazing artwork of the late Lee Elias (1920 – 1998). 

It was a thin line we walked to find the best balance between NFT rarity and the original artwork. Every design element was curated to fulfil these criteria. We have spread the rarity features throughout the 30 issues of the Linda Turner Black Cat front cover artwork.

This has resulted in an amazing collection of 3333 NFTs, each NFT unique in its own way, with rarity score. We are very happy with the result and we are confident you will be too.

Forgotten Heroes NFTs - Linda Turner Black Cat
Whitelist Sale
The first wave of the whitelist sale will last for 7 days starting 11 am EST. Whitelisted users will be able to mint a maximum of 2 NFTs per registered address for FREE + ETH gas fee per NFT. To participate in the whitelist please read the information here.
Feb 4th, 2023
Twitter Mega Space Free Mint
This was a huge success!! We minted out in less than 2hrs during the space!
Feb 4th, 2023
Feb 4th, 2023
When 100% are minted, we will REVEAL the collection. --->
Collection was revealed during the FreeMint Mega Space!
Feb 4th, 2023
More Marketing
We keep on pushing this project forward with even more marketing through all channels.
Reward the collectors
To celebrate this milestone, we will airdrop 5 Black Cat NFTs, to random holders. Next to the airdrop, we will start building the collector's portfolio Dapp, where the collectors of our NFTs will be able to view their collection. Collecting several sets of our NFTs will unlock rewards and major discounts for the upcoming Forgotten Heroes NFT collections.
Mar 4th 2023
Merchandise store in 1 month
When we mint out we will start developing the merchandise store. Deadline to go live in a month after reaching this milestone.
Mar 4th 2023
Re-printing comics
Start of development for the possibility for holders to order a re-print of the comic with the holders NFT as a cover.
Whats next?
New collections
Now that the Black Cat NFT collection has fully been minted, we will be introducing our new collections.

30 new collections of 999 Black Cat NFTs will follow. Each of the 30 will focus on only 1 issue of the Black Cat Comics.

All holders of NFTs of the initial Black Cat collection will get early access at a discounted price. The holders of specific Black Cat NFT sets in the collector's portfolio Dapp will have even better deals regarding the new collections.
Whats next?

Forgotten Heroes NFTs

The Team

We believe that being transparent in this space is the only way to go, so no strange avatars, cameos, or weird names. This is us, real people behind a real project.

Dennis Nikolic
Founder / C M O
Jeremy | Forgotten Heroes NFTs
Jeremy Gaudette
Developer / Proj. Manager
Marko Aleks
Marko Aleks
Graphical Designer
Nani Klener
Community Moderator
Stefana Ivanovic
Marketing & Social Media


Marketing Guru & Advisor
Forgotten Heroes NFTs - Linda Turner Black Cat

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items such as GIFs, images, videos, music albums, and more.

Minting an NFT is the creation (tokenization) of the artwork and making it available on an NFT marketplace (in our case it is the marketplace). In this process, a token is issued on the ETH blockchain to guarantee its authenticity.

Why minting? We have chosen to let the general public mint, so everyone has the same chance to get a rare Black Cat NFT for a reasonable price. How lucky will you be? Will you mint that super rare one?

You will need a MetaMask wallet with some ETH. You connect your wallet to our minting DAPP, and you can mint a Linda Turner – Black Cat NFT. 

Don’t miss out on the Whitelist Mint, a limited number of spots available to mint 2 Black Cat NFTs for FREE (+ETH gas fee). If you miss the whitelist, you can mint a Black Cat NFT in the pre-sale or public sale.

We are 100% minted out! The only way you can buy a Linda Turner Black Cat NFT is on a secondary market. Ours are available on OpenSea.

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications (DAPs).

You can store your cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the Metamask wallet.

More info here:

Then the only way you can own a Black Cat NFT is if you buy it on the marketplace. 

What about the project? We will keep promoting the Black Cat NFT collection indefinitely to keep the collection popular and protect the holders of the Black Cat NFTs. 

This is also important for future NFT projects, it is in both our interest to keep promoting the whole Forgotten Heroes portfolio.

After this initial collection, there will follow another 30 collections of each 999 Linda Turner Black Cat NFTs. 

After you have minted (bought) your NFT, it will be stored on the blockchain on your ETH address. You will be able to view your NFT by logging in to your OpenSea account and view your collection.

At a later stage, we will create a portal on our website where you can view all your Forgotten Heroes NFTs.

The Black Cat NFTs can be traded on the NFT marketplace. Every trade comes with a 10% royalty fee, which will be automatically sent to the Forgotten Heroes Wallet address.

These royalties will be used, to promote and market the Linda Turner – Black Cat collection after it has been fully minted. This way, we ensure that the collection stays popular.

Our NFTs will be hidden until we mint out 100%. When we reveal the collection you will be able to see which Linda Turner Black Cat NFT you have minted.

Are you excited?

UPDATE: We have revealed the collection on the 4th of Feb 2023 right after we minted out.

NFT Distribution

Black Cat NFTs
Price p / NFT
Whitlelist Sale
FREE + ETH Gas Fee
Public sale
$300 in ETH + Gas Fee